gaskinpr’s work in media relations, event management and plan promotion is invaluable to the mission of Project G.R.I.L.L. Her ability to secure articles and advertising in the local media is vital to the project.

Mike Lanser
President Lakeshore Technical College


Strategic Campaign Development

  • Brainstorm and develop short-term and  long-term strategic programming to improve the image of a client or build awareness of a brand or product
  • Create campaign messaging and detailed action plans for implementation
  • Provide necessary messaging and content support for development and updating of client web sites

Case Study:

Sheboygan County manufacturing companies facing the looming work gap were desperate to find a way to re-educate the community on manufacturing jobs of today and build a pipeline of talent to fulfill their future employment needs.  Nearly 40% of the jobs in Sheboygan County are manufacturing jobs and 43% of Wisconsin based workers in manufacturing are 45 years of age and older which means within the next ten years, more than 43% of the current workforce will retire. 

gaskinpr partnered with Sheboygan County based manufacturers and Lakeshore Technical College to create a strategic community based program focused on building the prestige of careers in manufacturing and a future work pipeline to fill the gap.  The client came to gaskinpr with a rough idea and relied on the strategic counsel of gaskinpr to develop program features from the ground up including: creating the overall program structure and regulations, guiding the mission statement and developing/executing sponsor and marketing programs and materials. 

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